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Squalio is a one-stop platform offering best deals on world leading software and cloud solutions along with software support and training services to meet all your business needs under one roof.

Software management

Looking for a cost-effective way to manage your computer, server and software assets? Software health check is the fastest and simplest way to find out how!

Software licensing

Finding the right software can make a world of difference to your IT  management costs. Our software fit finder tool and services will help you find yours!

Cloud solutions

Want your business tools to be up and running at all times and faster than ever? Take them up to the clouds while bringing expenses down to the ground with our cloud solutions!

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Finding the best
solutions for your
specific business needs.


Ensuring best price
and purchase channel
to help you save more.


Helping you start
work faster – deployment,
adaptation and training.


Providing assistance
when things don’t quite
work as planned.

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Fight cybercrime. Protect data. Reduce risk.

Squalio appreciates that each industry faces unique challenges when it comes to information security. Security professionals face an avalanche of high-pressure pain points all while confronting these risks with constrained resources, including headcount, skills and budget. As a result, many organizations use Trustwave for diverse portfolio of security solutions that can help you relieve the…


Exclusive TeamViewer partnership in Baltics

We are thrilled to announce we have teamed up with TeamViewer to simplify the remote control for our customers. Squalio is the only Gold certified TeamViewer partner in Baltics! TeamViewer focuses on cloud-based technologies to enable online support and collaborate in real time across the globe. Remote support, remote access, and online collaboration are not…


Hunt down a virus!

Have you heard of Ransomware? Ransomware is a computer virus that encrypts all the information on the infected computer and requires payment from the victim in order to decrypt the information or to not publish it on! The problem is urgent, because antivirus developers do not recognize this type of virus in the initial distribution phase and…

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How can SAM improve IT security?

Nowadays, IT security matters are sufficiently important to pay special attention to – it is not an accident than mass media provides information on new cyber-criminals, malware and various scandals due to information leakage time after time. At the very first moment, IT security and software asset management (SAM) do not seem to be closely…

5 project management tools that save time, money and energy

Steering a project through the stressed and stressful waters of an always-moving organization can be a daunting proposition. These days, the average office worker is burdened by an untold number of deadlines, meetings, emails and tasks—and that means they probably don’t have the time or headspace to dedicate their full talents to you and your…