Don’t just live, live loud!

Squalio is the place to be. A place to make your dreams and ideas come to life. We’re all about people, innovation and curiosity. I’m proud of what we’ve built together as a group and the awesome crowd we’ve managed to gather over the last couple of years. Interested in joining?

Evita Tauriņa, HR Business Development


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We are dimensional and dynamic. We transform and change the culture of the IT industry. We believe that it takes just one person to affect the course of the future and there’s no stopping us if we work together as a team. There’s strength in numbers. Especially when the team is as unique and united as ours.

Say yes instead of maybe

We believe in the power of dreaming big and working as a team. If you have a dream, share it with us and let us see how Squalio can help you make it reality.

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Embrace curiosity

Curiosity is the mother of innovation, and we’re eager to find out everything about anything. Our entire team gets together once a month to learn about what’s new in the industry straight from professionals or experts on the topic.

Facts & figures



30% of us are
based in Latvia



3/3 of us are curious
and eager to learn



28 is our average age



47% of us are women

It’s more than just a job

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