How to speed up your work with clients 7 times

Let your software work for you! We have compiled 7 facts that you may not know about how Microsoft Office 365 can be beneficial for your company and improve the wa…

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We are open! Registration for SQUALIO INDUSTRY DAY 2016 is launched

SQUALIO INDUSTRY DAY 2016 is a major business and technology conference in Latvia represented by highly evaluated international speakers that will guide you through…

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DPA, Latvian information technology group, changes brands

From 20 January DPA Group company DPA changes its brand and further will be known under SQUALIO name. In turn, DPA Group company SQUALIO, to provide more accurate brand…

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Squalio (DPA group)@SQUALIO_25.05.16 Tehnoloģiju attīstības tendences, kas maina biznesu jeb piezīmes no Deivida Rovana uzstāšanās Rīgā via @DPA_Latvia
Squalio (DPA group)@SQUALIO_24.05.16 Bezmaksas seminārs CLOUD IT par programmatūru mākonī, 26.05., Birojnīcā, plkst 9.30
Squalio (DPA group)@SQUALIO_23.05.16 Piesakies projektā un ar mākoņtehnoloģiju palīdzību sasniedz labākus rezultātus savā biznesā -
Squalio (DPA group)@SQUALIO_16.05.16 19. maijā IBM Business Connect Riga 2016!
Squalio (DPA group)@SQUALIO_13.05.16 Tiekamies 27. maijā pie Latvijas Nacionālā mākslas muzeja!
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