Software inventory is a basic level analysis that will help you to understand software environment in your company, identify the critical issues as well as options for optimization and cost saving.


Software Inventory is needed for organization that:

  • has no clue about installed software across the company;
  • expects IT organization changes (optimization, move to outsourcing or cloud computing);
  • wants to use all the benefits of existing licenses;
  • willing to avoid overspending;
  • audit is knocking on the door.

3 reasons why DPA?

We love software!

Software is our core business and passion for almost 20 years.

It`s all about people!

Our value is certified software licensing experts that are curios to explore the most fresh technology capabilities and its usability.


We have a story!

Let our customers and partners tell about us!

What is the process?

DPA will work with you to develop an inventory of the software you have deployed along with a review of your corresponding license documentation and analysis of your software usage habits to create a complete review of what you have, what you do not have and what could be done to be perfect!

  1. Let your software be counted!

By installing a scanning tool we will gather the data of software installed for all PCs.

  1. Let us crunch the numbers!

By gathering data of licenses and corresponding license documentation via template, we will create analysis of your software data.

  1. Let us to create an added value!

By summarizing your software data and our analysis we will create an overview of your software assets, licenses and recommendation to improve and optimize your software environment and management ability.

Pricing volumes:

  • 1-100 PCs (850 EUR excl.VAT);
  • 101 - 300 PCs (1200 EUR excl.VAT);
  • 300+ PCs (Individually excl.VAT).

What`s next?

Contact us and let’s discuss what MORE IS LESS for you! Write us by e-mail or by phone +371 67509900.




Over 100 Software Inventory projects in Baltics have been delivered per year! See some Case Studies below:




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