Upcoming events


17 Aug

#VALIS Hands on Labs
OPERATION “VALIS” is a virtual interactive laboratory for information systems in which you will be... More

Past events


25 May

Technology 2017: Red Hat
Technology 2017: Red Hat SQUALIO, Red Hat, МОNТ are inviting you to the annual event of the leading open sourc... More

24 May

Webinar: Microsoft on Trust, Privacy and the GDPR
Important step forward in clarifying and enabling individual data privacy right Every organization is impacted... More

12 May

Data Analytics Seminar with MATLAB
Using Data Analytics to turn large volumes of complex data into actionable information can help you improve en... More

26 Apr

#LEM-ON, 26.04.
We invite you to participate to Office 365 masterclass to explore the latest technology tools in a real enviro... More