if you work with personal data,
you are in!

what is personal data?

Name, surname, phone number, e-mail or address

Car registration number and model, information about car owner or car insurance

Bank account, credit card number, expiration date and CCA number

Health information, patient card and health history, information about family members

Passport data: passport number, ID number, nationality, place of issue and date, photo and signature

Information about person's income, real estates or cash flow

the time is now!

General data protection regulation (GDPR) refers to any business that works with customer personal data. Regulation will be enforced on 2018 May 25 and it obligates a new requirements to all business how to work with personal data. High fines are introduced from up to 4% of annual turnover for non-compliance.

the time is now!

248 days left

Watch the video about General Data Protection Regulation and how to get compliance to save your money, reputation and customers.

making heavy stuff fluffy

With such a complex regulation, achieving compliance is likely to be a lengthy and complicated business. That’s why GEDERD has created an easy 3 step guide to achieve awareness of compliance by the time the regulation comes into effect.

  • Quick and easy guidance towards compliance
  • Your business risk calculator
  • Free legal document package
  • Easy and available technology solution

3 step guide

Take a 3 step guide to be ready for GDPR


Step 1

Risk Test

Take a test of 6 easy questions to understand your data protection risk score. This will help you to identify how critical situation is and when individual actions need to take place. A test is anonymous.


Step 2


Free legal document package, created by the industry best practices,  includes a basic GDPR compliance documentation and ready-made templates –  agreements with customers, partners and employees; terms and conditions.


Step 3


Certified and secure IT solution will take you towards compliance easily and further will help you to manage your business data, ensure secure work with personal data.

Test will be available on October 1, 2017!


Ready to secure your business?