Suitable for small and large businesses alike

Office 365 is a simple and cost-effective way to equip your business with a wide range of powerful, must-have tools used by millions of businesses worldwide. Software reliability, simple interface and diversity of the options available are but a few of the features that make Office 365 an ideal tool for small and large businesses alike.

  • Get latest software versions as soon as they come out
  • Access documents from any device with an internet browser
  • Use one license for multiple devices at once
  • Only pay for your monthly subscription plan

Office 365 includes

Microsoft Office software

Latest versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint are all included, along with a wide range of templates that will make creation of professional documents swift and easy. On top of that, all your documents will be available from any computer or mobile device using an internet browser.

Business email

Use advertisement free Outlook email with 50 GB storage and remote access from any computer, smartphone or tablet with an internet connection. You can even use your company's name for the second part of your email address.

Time planning & scheduling

Plan your time conveniently with Outlook Calendar. Use it to set reminders for events, organise meetings with staff, clients or business partners, create booking systems for company resources (rooms, cars, etc.) or manage your appointments with specialists.

Document storage

OneDrive lets you store all your documents in one place and share large files without having to use external memory devices. It also gives you access to your documents from any computer or mobile device with an internet browser and ensures your files will never get lost in case your computer gets lost or damaged.

Skype for Business

Use Skype for web conferences, webinars and online meetings to save time, reduce travel costs and improve communication with your partners or customers. Additionally, Skype for Business will also assist you in monitoring communication amongst employees.

One license for multiple devices

One Office 365 licence can be used on a total of 15 devices at once - 5 computers, 5 smartphones and 5 tablets - regardless of whether the device uses a Windows, Mac or Android operating system.

Additional benefits

  • No investment required

There is no need to invest resources in buying new software. Simply start using Office 365 today and pay by the month or once a year.

  • Reduced costs

Using Office 365 can reduce your IT costs by up to 20% as well as provide you with additional tools to make working with clients more effective.

  • Only pay for what you use

Subscriptions make licensing management quick and simple. You can subscribe additional licenses or unsubscribe unused licenses at any time.

Customer success stories

With Office 365 work is more effective due to the option of storing
documents in a single place, or accessing them from another
place or device using an internet browser.

Latvia Tours

Office365 always provides our employees with the latest Word,
Excel, and PowerPoint programm versions which means that
we do not have to worry about updating old programms

Premium Medical

For us, OneDrive data storage is very popular, as documents can be accessed
by several people (a lawyer, seller, manager) and simultaneously
edited or commented on in a single place, therefore,
we do not spend our time forwarding multiple document
versions to each other, consolidating corrections, or going to meetings.

Splashing Prezentreklama

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Office 365 subscription plans

Business EssentialsBusinessBusiness Premium
Fully installed Office on PC / MAC
Online Office
1 TB File Storage
HD video conferences
Business email 50GB
Office at tabs and phones

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