How to power up your company culture with data?

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Join Us in live webinar to learn how to successfully implement company values to achieve company strategic goals.

Successful companies establish a culture where everyone shares common beliefs to achieve strategic goals in a structured way.


Results what successfully implemented culture and company values can achieve are following:
  • Employees know how it’s expected to respond to any situation
  • Employees are sure that their response is in accordance with the expectations
  • Employees are recognised and rewarded based on company values.

You as HR are in a vital position to enhance company culture and values and it’s not only to recruit applicants who will share similar values, it’s also about developing training, succession, performance, talent and rewarding programs to reinforce and make visible company core values on daily basis and in each step of employee lifecycle.

We all are aware of the benefits that strong company culture and core values can bring, so in this webinar we will focus particularly on how you can practically enhance it on daily basis. In our case study I will share with you the story on how to make company core values truly alive and visible.


And most important – can you measure culture? Data based culture touchpoints? Yes, it is possible.
  • Company core values are established, but barely someone knows them. What to do?
  • Peer to peer feedback as a part of company culture implementation.
  • DATA! What data can you get on feedback & values?

Liesma Rijniece

Digital Transformation Ambassador, Peero app

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