Elevate Your Workspace with Google’s New Duet AI in Google Workspace Enterprise Plan!

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Exciting times are here as Google introduces Duet AI in Baltics within the Google Workspace Enterprise Plan. This revolutionary addition is set to redefine the way you work and collaborate. As your trusted technology partner, Squalio is thrilled to bring you the latest update and offer our expert services to help you seamlessly transition to Google Workspace Enterprise Plan.

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Unlock the Power of Duet AI

Duet AI is an ingenious artificial intelligence tool that’s all about elevating your Google Workspace experience to new heights. With Duet AI at your fingertips, you can: 

  • Revolutionize Email Communication: Whether you’re composing emails from your desktop or crafting quick responses on your mobile device, Duet AI in Gmail is your AI-powered assistant that refines your messages to perfection. 
  • Elevate Document Creation: Bid farewell to typos and grammar woes in Google Docs. Duet AI will be your trusted companion, helping you polish and proofread your content to excellence. 
  • Transform Presentations: Create eye-catching, original images directly in Google Slides, all thanks to Duet AI’s image generation capabilities. 
  • Simplify Project Management: Generate project plans in Google Sheets effortlessly with just a few prompts, making project management a breeze. 
  • Enhance Virtual Meetings: Shine in your Google Meet video conferences with studio-quality lighting and create stunning background images for a professional look. Additionally, enjoy translated captions for enhanced accessibility.


But that’s not all! Google is committed to a continuous journey of improvement for Duet AI. In the near future, expect updates like studio lighting and sound for Google Meet and Enhanced Smart Fill for Google Sheets. Google is always striving to make your Workspace experience even more remarkable, and Squalio is your gateway to achieving that. 


Why Choose Squalio for Your Google Workspace Needs?

As a trusted technology partner, Squalio offers an unparalleled value proposition: 

  • Expert Services: Beyond licenses, Squalio provides user training, local support, and expert advice on scaling Google products to cater to your business’s unique requirements. 
  • Stay Ahead: Squalio keeps you ahead of the curve with regular updates on the latest product innovations, ensuring you harness Google Workspace’s full potential. 
  • Streamlined Billing: Managing multiple vendors can be cumbersome. With Squalio, you receive a unified invoice for all your business technology needs, simplifying your financial management. 

With Duet AI now integrated into the Google Workspace Enterprise Plan, the future of work has never looked brighter. Squalio is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring you maximize the potential of Duet AI and Google Workspace. Contact Squalio now and embrace the future of work with Duet AI! 🌐


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👩‍💻 Experience the Future of Work with a Free Trial of Duet AI

Ready to explore this new way of working? Take advantage of the no-cost trial and experience the difference Duet AI can make in your daily tasks. It’s an opportunity to boost your productivity, streamline your processes, and rediscover the joy of your work. Click here to discover more about Duet AI and start your no-cost trial today.


For more details on Duet AI, check out the official Google Workspace Updates blog post here.