Gaining efficiency in license management

Case study “ERGO Insurance”. Managed devices ~ 1 500

ERGO is one of the leading insurance groups in the Baltic countries offering non-life, life and health insurance. Over 650 thousand customers in the Baltic countries trust in the services provided by ERGO Group, its expertise and financial stability.


Main goal for ERGO was to gain confidence that the software licenses owned by ERGO are valid, the software are being used efficiently and in accordance with the terms and conditions defined by the software publishers like Microsoft and Oracle. “The company’s IT system is getting bigger and more sophisticated, manual tracking of software remains inefficient. IT was necessary for us to automate this process.” Evaldas Kalikas, Head of IT Maintenance department in the Baltic States. ERGO has followed the best industry practice by selecting Software Asset Management (SAM) system to centrally store all the license entitlements, automatically discover deployments and compare acquired licenses with actual usage.


In collaboration with the ERGO, SQUALIO has implemented a comprehensive SAM process using the technologies provided by Snow Software. The system covers Windows, VMware and Oracle infrastructure by collecting, normalizing and updating software configuration data and displaying it in the easy-to-use web interface. The system then was complimented with the business information regarding the vendor agreements and software licenses that were purchased by ERGO. In order to get maximum value from the information provided by Snow, SAM consultants from SQUALIO were preparing and presenting quarterly management reports with overview of the identified risks and optimization possibilities, which helped ERGO to accelerate decision and optimize IT environment by following individually prepared recommendations.


With implemented SAM processes, ERGO has gained control in managing existing licenses and making data-driven decisions. Key values that ERGO has received:

  • Transparent license management process
  • Software usage analysis for workstations and terminal-servers
  • Elimination of unneeded and unauthorised software deployments
  • Unnecessary cost avoidance
  • Confidence on optimal and compliant use of the licenses


ERGO uses Snow Inventory technologies for collecting data across IT – from physical workstations to datacenter and virtual machines. Information analysed by Snow delivers ERGO accurate information around deployed software, user logins and the software usage statistics. “Thanks to software usage details, it’s now much easier in our organization to identify different user profiles with specific software configuration and required licenses.” Evaldas Kalikas, Head of IT Maintenance department in the Baltic States.


By following experienced SQUALIO licensing consultant recommendations and the information reported by Snow, ERGO was able to optimize their virtualization environment by adjusting the configuration of the datacenter. The changes in the infrastructure has led to more efficient existing license usage and enabled ERGO to save approximately 60 thousand EUR for additional licensing. ERGO has reached Return on Investment (ROI) from SAM system in less than 6 months.


The implementation of SAM system at ERGO was quick and smooth as it took just 1 month to have system up and running with access to the reports and first insights that were received from the environment.

“SQUALIO team has delivered outstanding service in regard to system integration, license information collection and executive reports, which helped us to be prepared for the Microsoft license agreement renewal just in time.” Evaldas Kalikas, Head of IT Maintenance department in the Baltic States.