AI Unleashed – Navigating OpenAI and Azure for Business Solutions

Location: Online

Language: English

Time: 10:00 - 11:00

Price: Invite Only

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In this workshop, delve into the synergies between OpenAI and Azure, exploring their transformative potential in the field of AI. Gain practical insights from industry experts and real-world applications, equipping your organization with the knowledge to harness AI technology effectively.

Strategic Insight

This webinar provides a comprehensive understanding of OpenAI and Azure, two leading AI platforms. By exploring their synergies, technical decision-makers can better strategize their AI implementation plans and leverage these platforms to accelerate their organization’s digital transformation journey.


Practical Applications

With a focus on real-world use cases and a live demonstration of a GPT-4 powered tool, Intervy, attendees can see the practical, tangible benefits of AI integration in large-scale operations. This can assist in making informed decisions about potential AI applications within their own organizations.



The webinar offers insights into the latest advancements in AI technology, including Azure OpenAI services. This knowledge is crucial for technical decision-makers in large enterprises and public organizations looking to stay ahead of the curve and future-proof their operations in an increasingly AI-driven world.



Kristaps Vergins

Kristaps is a tech enthusiast with a passion for startups, technology, and AI. As the co-founder of Intervy, a company that’s helping organizations drive employee growth through daily learning, Kristaps has a wealth of experience and expertise in leveraging technology to create innovative solutions that solve complex problems.

Senior Engineer

Jānis Naglis

Janis has a strong passion for new technologies, empowering technological breakthroughs for Intervy. His enthusiasm for cutting-edge solutions continually inspires his team, fostering a collaborative environment that champions technological advancements.