VALIS; Microsoft Azure; cloud services

Azure Hands-on Workshops: Back-up & Site Recovery

Location: Squalio Office or on customer premises

Language: Latvian / English

Time: 10:00 - 14:00

Price: Free


Microsoft Azure offers an ideal way to solve some of your organisation’s biggest business and technology challenges. In this half-day workshop, your will learn the value and business benefits of deploying backups and recovery using Microsoft Azure. Further, they will learn how to raise efficiency and introduce innovative new business models that make enterprises more agile and efficient while simplifying operations and infrastructure, all based on the benefits of the Azure Backup and Site Recovery service. During the workshop, the morning session is a 30 min. lecture based on business benefits and value, and essential information while the next session includes 3 h hands-on labs and teaches the audience the essential information for implementing a simple backup and site recovery in the Azure infrastructure.


Module 1
Introduction to Azure Backup: This module provides high level overview of Microsoft’s cloud integrated backup solution that enables customers to back up their data present either onpremises or in Azure.

Module 2
Azure Backup Scenarios: This module discusses, demonstrates and provide hands on labs on backing up Azure VM, files and folders and VM in Hyper-V.

Module 3
ASR Technical Overview: This module introduces the concept of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery ( BCDR) and provides introduction to the Site Recovery Deployment Scenarios ( Protection Groups, Recovery Plans, etc.)

Module 4
ASR – Hyper Scenarios: This module discusses, demonstrates and provide hands on lab on deploying Site Recovery to replicate virtual machines located on on-premises Hyper-V servers running Windows Server 2012 R2 and Virtual Machine Manager Clouds.

Module 5
ASR – Planning / Troubleshooting: This module provides steps to enables you to learn how to plan and prepare infrastructure as well as track the replication health and troubleshooting techniques for Azure Site Recovery.

Target audience

  • System and IT administrators
  • IT security managers
  • IT directors


Madars Šmits, Cloud Product Manager at Squalio Latvia