Join our upcoming online webinar where we will be covering two exciting topics that are sure to benefit your cloud computing journey: “Free and Almost Free Azure Tools” and “Pentesting in Cloud: why you shouldn’t be afraid?”.

In the first half of the webinar, our expert speaker will delve into the world of free and almost free Azure tools. With the vast array of tools available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best ones for your organization’s needs. Our experts will provide an overview of the most useful and cost-effective tools available on Azure that can help your cloud computing experience as well as give a live demonstration.

In the second half of the webinar, our speaker will explore penetration testing in the cloud. With the growing popularity of cloud computing, it has become increasingly important to ensure the security of your cloud environment. Our cybersecurity expert will provide an overview of the best practices and tools available for pentesting in the cloud, as well as real-life examples of successful pentests.


This webinar is a must-attend for anyone looking to optimize their cloud computing experience while ensuring the security of their cloud environment.
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