Future of HR: data driven insights for leaders

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Employees have a new “worth it” equation. Microsoft’s 2022 Work Trend Index – a study of 31,000 people in 31 countries – asked employees what they want most out of work. The common response: culture and wellbeing. 53% are likely to prioritize health and wellbeing over work than they had before the pandemic. And as we’ve seen from the ‘Great resignation’, when employees don’t find what they want at their current companies, they will go elsewhere.

So, as a company, how do you create an environment conducive to employee retention while focused on productivity? In the past, many companies relied on annual engagement surveys to understand how work was taking place. Over time, those surveys became more frequent – bi-annual, quarterly, or short, targeted pulse surveys conducted every month. Surveys are essential, but they don’t depict the complete picture. What companies are increasingly realizing is that they need to complement annual engagement surveys with other signals to understand employee sentiment.

New ways of working require new sets of signals to drive business outcomes and wellbeing. Thanks to direct and indirect signals from Microsoft 365, as HR and business leaders you can harness the power of continuous insight about your organizations meeting quality, manager time, collaboration hours, networks and much more. Thanks to aggregated behavioral data from everyday work in Microsoft 365, you will really be able to keep a pulse on your organization.

In this webinar, we will be discussing how Viva Insights enables companies to take an integrated approach to creating and watching culture, change management and thriving; together with Vladimir Hruban, Regional GTM Manager for Microsoft Viva, and Petr Vasa, Modern Work Business Lead in Microsoft CZ/SK, you will learn how to guide individuals and teams toward better work habits and norms to improve productivity and wellbeing.


  • Trends in Hybrid work – data on how we work
  • Surveys vs continuous data
  • Application in change management
  • Introduction of Viva Insights



Petr Váša – Modern Work Business Lead, Microsoft 365

Vladimir Hruban – Regional GTM Manager, Microsoft Viva


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