Office 365 webinar


Language: Latvian

Time: 11:00

Price: apply_url FREE

Our style of work has changed. We do not work anymore predetermined long hours at the computer. Instead, we are working on a variety of devices on the go, we communicate with customers and employees, which are sometimes located thousands of kilometers away. But how to know if you use technology optimally? Is your company’s efficiency and, working remotely, it is as high as possible?

Join the free webinar and learn

  • learn tips & tricks and tools that will allow to work remotely – for example, short and smart ways to store and share data, which can significantly increase the productivity of the company, working from home,
  • learn how to protect corporate data when working remotely,
  • review how to use Microsoft Teams – watch a video that shows how to use the team’s hub, also is out of the office,
  • get answers to your questions. Find out everything you need in real-time question and answer session with Microsoft product experts!

The webinar will be held in Latvian and it will be chaired by Kristaps Sedols, Productivity Solutions Specialist (Squalio).