Passwords Are No Longer The Answer

Location: Online event

Language: English

Time: 10:00 - 11:00

Price: Free

Large scale data breaches and credential theft put user accounts at risk for account takeover – to date, more than 15 billion stolen credentials can be found in circulation online. Number one reason of data breaches (81%) are weak or stolen passwords.

The on-going remote and hybrid work environment has revealed security gaps and highlighted the need for a zero-trust IT architecture. Yubico and Microsoft has a solution to put an end to account takeovers for business and individuals. YubiKey – the world’s #1 hardware-based security key – is the most secure, easy-to-use, and affordable multi-factor authentication.

Join our live webinar with Yubico, where we will discuss how to protect your employees against account takeovers, while providing easy to use and strong authentication—including passwordless login.

Imagine never being asked to change your password again, no more password spreadsheets or vault app, no passwords to remember or usernames to type. No more phishing and password spray!


  • Microsoft multi-factor authentication: evolution towards passwordless workplace
  • Yubikey security key: what, why and how
  • Demo: enabling passwordless authentication in your Microsoft environment
  • Q&A, closing notes



IT Security Product Engineer at Hermitage Solutions

Dinas Morozovas

Channel Manager Nordics & Baltics at Yubico

Caroline Sandtorv

Dinas is an IT Security Product Engineer at Hermitage Solutions LLC with over 3 years of experience spanning diverse cybersecurity solutions and helping grow security focus within the Baltics. He specializes in data loss prevention, vulnerability management, and information security program development. Dinas believes that sharing knowledge is key, therefore, in addition to being a trusted cybersecurity technology advisor for channel partners, he also serves as an instructor for IT security awareness training for clients.

Caroline is responsible for the channel and partnerships in the Nordics and Baltics at Yubico. She focuses on providing secure multi-factor authentication solutions to help enterprise organisations protect access to user accounts.