Producing Brand Videos with Premiere Pro and Frame.io

Location: Online webinar

Language: English

Time: 20:00

Price: Free

Successful video production requires constant communication between producers, editors, and stakeholders. Integrated collaboration tools can help brand video teams eliminate confusing feedback, work together faster and more efficiently, and boost their creativity.

Join us for our webinar Producing Brand Videos with Premiere Pro and Frame.io. During this live event, Sarah Katz, seasoned video editor at Frame.io, will discuss how Frame.io and Adobe Premiere integrations completely changed the way she works on projects. This presentation will explore how cloud-connected technology and workflows can drive improvements for brand video editors.


You’ll learn about:

  • Integrations between Camera to Cloud and Premiere Pro that accelerate and optimize editing workflows with real-time dailies
  • How streamlined reviews and direct feedback in post-production tools can improve communications
  • The impact Frame.io has on brand creative teams producing video projects on a large scale



Sarah Katz
Senior Editor



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