Secure Connection for Remote Work: GFI Kerio Control

Location: Online event

Language: English

Time: 16:00 - 17:00

Price: Free

Transferring work from an office to remote locations is no longer a novelty for European companies.

But now the biggest problem is balancing among the limited budget and the functionality of the security solutions for this hybrid infrastructure. After all, not each company is ready to spend thousands of dollars for protection from viruses and spam, as well as for dozens of IT employees responsible for company owners’ peaceful sleeping.

Logical questions arise: how to keep track of threats, assess vulnerabilities, comply with all standards, control user mail at the same time?

Let’s talk about GFI Kerio Control – the best solution for small and medium enterprises with simple and convenient control even for non-specialist.


SQUALIO and BAKOTECH invites IT-engineers, cybersecurity-specialists, IT-managers to this online workshop with engineer Modest Velchev, who  will demonstrate you all possible functions of GFI Kerio Control.



  • Routing and VPN – as a base to securely connect to the Internet
  • How to detect Intrusion and prevent them using the Snort system?
  • How to manage or block access to 100+ continuously updated categories of content and applications?
  • Antivirus and proxy-server: Kerio Control goes beyond just checking files for malicious code; it scans your network traffic for potential attacks
  • Integration possibility
  • Demonstration of policy capabilities
  • User reporting and control.
  • GFI Kerio Control – Your Router + Firewall + VPN to connect securely to the Internet



Engineer GFI-solutions in BAKOTECH

Modest Velchev