#VALIS Hands on Labs

Location: Squalio Office Latvia

Language: Latvian

Time: 09:00

Price: Free


is a virtual interactive laboratory for information systems in which you will be able to try possibilities offered by cloud technologies in the real environment. Accompanied by knowledgeable instructor you will be able to build the IT infrastructure in the cloud and to make sure in its advantages.

Participation in the operation “VALIS” is a great opportunity to acquire a working knowledge of IT infrastructure management using the latest and most advanced technologies.

To implement the laboratory scenario, we will use Microsoft Azure virtual networks, servers, SQL databases and load balancers as well as configure automatic scalability and look at the basic security issues, and, of course, discuss in and around cloud technologies and their practical application in combination with traditional infrastructure.



  • Enterprise Partner Group Accounts, Corporate Accounts
  • We recommend IT or data center managers and specialists to participate in the laboratory.



  • Creation of new virtual networks; configuration;
  • Creation of two new virtual servers, adding to virtual network;
  • Configuration of software load balancing between virtual servers;
  • Creation of the database on PaaS, configuration, adding to virtual network;
  • Setting up a website on virtual servers; data generation on database, adding virtual servers to database;
  • Configuration of automated scalability by running one or both of the virtual servers (according to load level).



There are two VM, that are in availability set, same VNET and resource group. On both VM are Windows Server 2012 R2 + IIS web servers with application, that connects to MS SQL DB as a Service (PaaS). In front of both VM’s there are load balancer (LB), that balance traffic based on clients requests and VM CPU load.



Madars Šmits, Squalio Cloud Product Manager