Licencijų auditas

Pasinaudoję šia „SQUALIO Lietuva“ teikiama paslauga, jūsų organizacija gaus išsamų programinės įrangos auditą, rekomendacijas, kaip optimizuoti ir valyti programinę įrangą pagal SAM modelį, užtikrinti verslo finansinį saugumą ir legalumą. Taip pat, atsakysime ar turimos licencijos atitinka reikalavimus, ar yra galimybė plėsti IT infrastruktūrą ir į kitus jums rūpimus klausimus.

  • Greitas pritaikymas
  • Puikiai veikiantis
  • Gamintojų įvertinimas

SAM optimizacijos modelis – tai kriterijų rinkinys, kuris padeda atlikti nuoseklius programinės įrangos vertinimus ir priimti teisingus sprendimus, paremtus turima tikslia informacija. Šis modelis padeda suprasti ir pagerinti programinės įrangos valdymą pagal unikalius kiekvienos organizacijos poreikius.

  • Išlaidų mažinimas

Pilnai įdiegta SAM programa padeda sumažinti išlaidas, atsisakant ar pertvarkant PĮ licencijas.

SAM can help reduce costs by eliminating or reallocating underused software licences, limiting overhead costs associated with managing and supporting software, minimizing the risk of unexpected software costs as well as helping you avoid unnecessary fees, which may arise from unintentional non-compliance.

  • Jokių rūpesčių

Effectively tracking and documenting your software licences is the safest way to manage licence compliance throughout your organization and avoid the risk of non-compliance. On top of that, it also helps create a better work environment for your employees and partners, while giving you the reassurance that everything is under control.

  • Apgalvotos investicijos

The gathered software environment data will make it easier for you to calculate the return on investment (ROI) from your existing assets. It will also let you make better informed decisions when planning new software purchases or developing a strategic software plan for the future.


Software and hardware inventory

Whether you need to identify all licensable software installed on the network or to track the installs on every PC — we will make it quick and easy for you! It delivers a clear and accurate view of the hardware devices and software assets deployed across multi-platform networks.

License compliance review

Ideal way to audit and manage your software compliance and potentialities for cost optimization. Discover what’s installed on your network, track the usage of costly business applications and find out how many licenses you have vs. your number of installs. It will be complemented with custom recommendations and next steps to do to make your IT environment healthy!



Software management tools

Keep on track! We will help you to choose the most appropriate tool for your organization to ensure real time monitoring of license compliance for all installed software and purchased licenses. Monitor key assets, create reports and get immediate notifications for unwelcome changes.

Software assessment identified the license compliance issues, cloud readiness level and the options for optimization and cost saving by moving to cloud.


Software asset management has simplified IT role and made us more efficient as an organization. Now we are able to combine cost optimization and prevention with more traditional compliance activities.

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The benefits delivered by SQUALIO software inventory range from the measurable time/money savings achieved to improved security.

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