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Conference promo | Squalio Industry Day 2016
Squalio Industry Day 2016 is the leading business and technology conference in Latvia, which brings together highly acclaimed international speakers…
Technology-driven trends changing business | Squalio Industry Day 2016
David Rowan, editor-in-chief at Wired Magazine UK, discussing the latest technology-driven trends that are changing the business today.
Digital revolution and how to profit from it | Squalio Industry Day 2016
Michael Koegeler, general manager of Central & Eastern Europe multi-country region at Microsoft, discussing the digital revolution and some of…
Sorry as a service | Squalio Industry Day 2016
Sabīne Sipunova, co-founder of Sorry As A Service, discussing the challenges and success stories of her business, “a customer happiness…
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SQUALIO is an information technology company delivering progressive cloud solutions, software licensing and software asset management services.
Episode 1 | Place365 Advert Series
Document management and storage in the cloud - simple, convenient and always with you wherever you go.