Dare tu augment yourself

Have you ever experienced to miss some conference you were planning to visit? Or have you been thinking which market trends are worth adopting, and which are simply temporary fad? We’ve got you covered!

Squalio has launched a video platform, id-factor.com, where the world’s leading vendors, start-ups and other fast-growing companies share their knowledge and experience about business acceleration with a help of modern technology.

Id-factor.com is a transition of our annual SQUALIO INDUSTRY DAY conference which was extensively held the past two years. The video platform is now empowering our partners, friends and customers worldwide to get the latest insights about technology driven trends, ask questions to the speakers and meet the right experience anytime, anywhere.

Have an impact!

At id-factor.com, new videos will be shot and published every week. Watch, Like and Share the videos with your friends and partners! Why? Because every view and every like will have an impact on the ratings of each speaker and topic, which will help us create more engaging content.


Squalio has always been in the middle between trends involving technology vendors and the needs of customers. Our vision is to change the way IT is delivered to customers. To achieve this vision, we want to find technology and awesome tools that can impact and create a core FACTOR of acceleration of every business identity (ID)!


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