Squalio, the leading Latvian IT company, specializing in software management and licensing solutions, has been approved as an Accredited Provider by Microsoft Corportation to provide services in Central and Eastern Europe, becoming one of a select group of Microsoft partners to provide services through the Microsoft SAM Managed Service Program in the region.

The Microsoft SAM Managed Service Program is designed to provide a continual, governance-based outsourced service, through Accredited Providers, to help customers more effectively manage their software assets. By introducing customers to SAM best practices, tools, and resources, while providing a complete view of their infrastructure, the program is designed to help drive real time IT decisions throughout all software and related asset lifecycle management.

“Squalio is proud to become a Microsoft Accredited Provider as this is a recognition of the level of expertise among our employees. Squalio has been in the business for over 20 years, yet we still continue to grow, including the constant strive for the service excellence. This recent achievement will enable Squalio to support its customers even stronger towards digital transformation of the business by making their IT environments transparent, manageable and cost efficient,” – believes Squalio Group Chairman of the Board, Sandis Kolomenskis.

To ensure the highest quality of service, only Microsoft partners who have passed a rigorous assessment performed by an independent third-party evaluator (EY o PwC) based on industry standards can become Accredited Providers and offer services through the Program. The assessment evaluates the partner’s ability to provide the high-quality services required by the Program, verifies that industry standards are met, and that the partner is able to provide exceptional SAM consultation services such as Cybersecurity or Clould Productivity reviews.

 “Accredited Providers in the Microsoft SAM Managed Service Program are experts in helping organizations gain and maintain control over IT costs, risks, and complexity, while providing insights and recommendations for getting the most value from software investments. Data gathered via the Program can help customers improve their IT infrastructure, detect cybersecurity vulnerabilities, inform and define their cloud migration and modernization strategies, and optimize software investments. Microsoft is excited to count Squalio among the select group of providers in the Program who can provide these services to customers,” said Gunter Schneider, Director – Worldwide Software Asset Management and Compliance – Managed Customers & Partners at Microsoft.