Join our on-demand hands-on Lab (co-hosted by Squalio and Adobe) and enjoy the presentation of Bart Van de Wiele and Jonathan Krauss – these Adobe Solutions specialists will demonstrate how Adobe’s eco-system of design apps and services enable designers to better collaborate and create stunning work.

See what magic can be achieved with Adobe new Substance 3D solutions like Stager, Sampler, Painter and Assets – after this you will rethink your product photography approach (the same way Coca-Cola did).

Even if you use Photoshop and Lightroom daily, we might have few new tricks to make your life easier… How to get those valuable comments from your clients and colleagues? And what built-in features can free up your day by few hours? Whether you are a graphic designer, marketing lead, video designer, game developer or just a creative worker, learn to collaborate on a new level. Ready to check out for yourself?

Adobe`s gurus Bart Van de Wiele and Jonathan Kraus share insights of how Adobe would develop a brand concept campaign. What if there really are no boundaries for your creativity?

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If you are not sure if this webinar is rigth for you, let me introduce some key-points. On this on-demand webinar you will get to know:

How to increase people`s happiness through Photoshop?
What Ben&Jerries are using instead of ice-cream in the advertising?
How to make your client pick those 5 best photos from the huge photo library of 1000+?
What new Lightroom settings can match all campaign images in seconds?
How to turn any wall you walk by into 3D asset for your designs through Sampler?
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