To break down the costs

and to enable all stakeholders to make optimal licensing and configuration decisions, you need a Software Asset Management (SAM) Compliance Review of the deployed Oracle software on servers along with a review of your corresponding license documentation and licensing needs. The purpose of Oracle License Compliance Review is to identify possible legal and other risks associated with installed and used Oracle software and provide recommendations to reduce them.

Benefits of Oracle License Management

Control over Oracle estate and compliance risks through periodical SQUALIO conducted Compliance Review services.

Readiness for Oracle LMS audit – during service SQUALIO helps to build Oracle Server Worksheet (OSW) and validate it.

Cost reduction through potential Oracle agreement optimization and Oracle risk identification within typical licensing painpoints.

On-demand information about Oracle products – centralized repository and actual technical data.

Frequently met Oracle licensing painpoints for businesses

  • Incorrect licensing in virtualization environments;
  • Installed and used Options and Management packs;
  • Use of database clusters and disaster recovery;
  • Server hardware and core factor changes;
  • User access through multiplexing;
  • Non production environment licensing;
  • Oracle license minimums per processor;
  • Mix of different license metrics on the same server;
  • When installing Oracle Enterprise databases, usually all the options and features are installed;
  • Easy to trigger usage for Enterprise features by accident.

Oracle License Management Services (LMS) is a global team of licensing experts and consultants that works closely with customers and partners to help them extract the full value from their Oracle investments. Oracle LMS provides customers with the authoritative voice, coupled with practical advice, on all aspects of Oracle’s licensing policies.

Oracle LMS offers a range of customisable services that help customers and partners make more informed decisions for optimising their current Oracle license estate—and identifying future requirements. Engaging with Oracle LMS can be done at any time before or after signing Oracle license contract.

reason to go for Oracle License Managed Services and to opt for it’s official provider

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Oracle license management

project timeline

1st quarter


SQUALIO helps conducting technical implementation of solution, gather all the procurement documentation and create initial License Compliance Review.


  • Developed SAM goals.
  • SNOW solution installed.
  • Agents are distributed.
  • Oracle scanner is configured on all servers running Oracle DBs.
  • Integration is set up with virtualization solutions.
  • Access to the SNOW portal.
  • All the licenses are collected and represented in SNOW License Manager.
  • Initial legal risk assessment and recommendations.

2nd quarter


User onboarding through SNOW user and administrator training and licensing trainings. License optimization meeting is held to follow-up on compliance position and optimization.


  • SNOW user training.
  • SNOW administrator training.
  • Educating in Oracle licensing rules.
  • Oracle licensing optimization follow-up.

3rd quarter


SQUALIO helps to customize solution – adjust reports, define alerts. SQUALIO performs repeated License Compliance Review to evaluate changes from initial review and identify further steps.


  • Definition of product changes.
  • Product is customized in accordance to Client needs.
  • Repeated legal risks assessment with progress evaluation.

4th quarter


Building processes around SNOW software and license management through the software lifecycle. License optimization meeting is held to follow-up on  compliance position and optimization.


  • Assessment of current procedures and policies.
  • Establishing Oracle license management policies.
  • Oracle licensing optimization follow-up.
  • Evaluated goals, set-up of goals for year 2.

Why to choose Squalio?


Squalio is the only partner in Baltics owning SNOW Platinum certification and also is USU certified partner.


We are a European trusted player and deliver worldwide. Our services are done by best practice of industry privacy, transparency, security, and compliance statements.


Our experts in SAM, Licensing Optimisation and associated Software Services are delivering end to end software services and provide by default, what others provide as premium services