simple approach to managing it assets

Want to identify all licensed software installed on your network or track software installations on each computer? Software & Hardware Inventory is the quickest and simplest solution to get a clear overview of all your hardware and software assets deployed across multi-platform networks and devices.

a clear overview

Software & Hardware Inventory provides a clear overview of the devices and software assets deployed across platforms. The Inventory identifies all software licensing requirements, unwanted installations, and potential security risks that may infect company computers or endanger valuable data such as employee passwords, credit card details or customer information.

Reduce costs

Software & Hardware Inventory can help you reduce costs by: eliminating or reallocating unused software licenses, limiting overhead associated with managing and supporting software, reducing the potential for unexpected software costs, and avoiding non-compliance fees.

Obtain peace of mind

Software & Hardware Inventory helps you manage license compliance throughout your company. By efficiently tracking and documenting your software licenses, the risk of non-compliance decreases. It also creates a productive work environment for your employees.

Invest intelligently

Based on the data gathered during Software & Hardware Inventory, you will be able to quickly calculate the ROI of your existing software assets and schedule future software purchases, or intelligently develop a strategy for how software is manage within your company.

S&H Inventory process


We will collect your software and hardware usage data by installing a certified scanning tool. The scan only takes a few minutes and can be performed for all devices simultaneously.


After the scan, you will receive a report on your software licensing requirements and hardware technical parameters, along with an overview of unwanted installations.


Based on the report, our licensing experts will identify the potential risks and opportunities for saving costs, all within the framework of your IT environment.

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How we work

Quick onboarding | Starting a project is easy! Sign the NDA form, give us access and welcome us aboard!

High performance | Our experts are highly experienced in various aspects of software licensing and will precisely identify key issues in your specific IT environment.

Upfront feedback | Our reward is your satisfaction. When the project ends, you will be asked to complete a short feedback form to help us better our services.

Software inventory helped to regain initiative on software spending by understanding the current license position. Control and visibility of IT assets allowed GPI to effectively plan the IT budget for the future. We appreciate the work of SQUALIO experts who gave us clear recommendations for more beneficial licensing.

GPI Holding

The benefits delivered by SQUALIO software inventory range from the measurable time/money savings achieved to improved security.

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