Passion, devotion & excellence

Software licensing lies at the very heart of Squalio and serves as the foundation for most of the services currently offered by our company. We have spent years learning about software licensing, establishing partnerships, developing multi-vendor licensing models and making deals on behalf of our clients. Our passion and devotion to our work has helped us establish a reputation for customer support excellence in all areas of licensing.

Solutions for all areas of software licensing

  • On-premise licenses
  • Software as a service
  • Licensing agreements


Unparalleled licensing competence

When it comes to helping companies understand the complex subject of software licensing, Squalio is unparalleled in both competence and experience. Our experts can provide unbiased advice regarding software pricing and optimization models as well as help align your IT solutions with your business goals.


Exceptional software expertise

We work with over 400 leading software vendors worldwide and our many awards serve as proof of us being the leading software licensing service provider in the region. On top of that, we keep hiring more and more highly certified experts and continuously improve our services, training courses, IT and business processes to make sure our clients get the best products and services available in the market.

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Software acquisition, deployment & more…


Finding the best
solutions for your
specific business needs.


Ensuring best price
and purchase channel
to help you save more.


Helping you start
work faster – deployment,
adaptation and training.


Providing assistance
when things don’t quite
work as planned.