What is Squalio Point?

Squalio Point is an event space where competencies come together. It is a place that inspires and encourages learning and development. Squalio Point is a unique and modern meeting room concept that allows the speaker to be in the spotlight on the stage and guests to enjoy the meeting in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

At Squalio Point industry experts share their knowledge about various business and IT trends, discuss the current issues companies are facing and the IT solutions that can help them solve these issues. Squalio Point allows guests to acquire knowledge and exchange experiences. It is a place created with the aim to promote the clients’ business optimisation and growth.

few reasons for choosing squalio point


Modern concept

Squalio Point is a place where historic meets modern. The historic ambiance of the building in complimented with cutting-edge interior design. The stage is in the spotlight of the room, which makes Squalio Point the perfect place for addressing influential, inspiring speeches. For the guests, the seating arrangements provide an opportunity to experience the event in a laid-back environment.


Service excellence

We have received various awards and recognition from our business partners and industry as proof of our ability to provide outstanding quality services to our customers. We take special care of our guests and their requests. If necessary, we will assist you with organising coffee breaks.


Special conditions

There are some special conditions you should consider before planning your next meeting at Squalio Point. Further information will follow.

You are always welcome at Squalio Point

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