about the company

ARVI group unites more than 20 companies across 5 countries that produce fertilizers, sucrose, animal feed, meat products as well as other products and services, including processing and transportation. Altogether, the company employs around 1,000 people.

About the project

ARVI group’s IT team used to put a lot of time and resources into administrating their outdated Microsoft Office software, email server and Linux security system. As the number of employees and their requirements for data storage grew, the company’s existing email server was unable to cope. As a solution, the company was offered Office 365, which included latest versions of the necessary MS Office applications, the Exchange Online email server, Skype for Business as well as OneDrive cloud data storage. This helped improve internal communication,simplified exchange of information within the company as well as took some of the pressure off their IT team. ARVI group also introduced the Microsoft Rights Management security solution, which lets users encrypt emails and documents, providing access only to those recipients for whom the information is intended.


By modernizing ARVI’s base infrastructure and switching to cloud services, the company significantly improved the comfort level of all employees and facilitated work for their IT department. As a result, the company’s IT department was able to focus on other strategic objectives aimed at improving the company’s overall performance in the long run. The new solution has proven to be a far more cost-effective and secure solution than the one used before.

Customer feedback

It may seem that introducing a new solution can bring with it a lot of challenges that the company will have to overcome. However, if the innovations are introduced gradually, allowing them to adapt to the business environment, the process becomes simple, and helps employees understand that the new changes will contribute to development.

Mindaugas Sakalauskas, chief of IT department at ARVI group