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“Cookies” are small files that the website saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit the website. Cookies allow the server to collect information from your browser; thus, you do not have to enter the data again, whenever you return to the website or go from one site to another. You can find more information on how cookies work here:


Our website uses cookies in order to improve the quality of offered services. We use functional cookies, session cookies, and analytical cookies (first and third party (partner) cookies):

  • To ensure functioning of the website;
  • To remember whether you have (or have not) given consent for the use of cookies on this website;
  • To send you advertising that suits you best and is most appropriate for your interests. Cookies are also used to limit the number of times you see an ad, as well as to help measure the efficiency of the advertising campaign;
  • To collect trustworthy information on the use of the website that allows us to measure how well the website complies with the needs of its users, and to perform any necessary improvements;
  • To analyse what pages of the website you visit and what consumer privacy tools you use. Enabling of the session cookies and analytical cookies is not mandatory to ensure performance of the main functions of the website, however, it would provide you a better browsing experience. You can delete or block these cookies any time, but if you do so, some options of the website may not work as well as intended.

The cookies that are necessary to ensure the main functionality of the website are decisive and the operation of the website is impossible without these cookies; therefore, you cannot decline the use of these cookies.

Please note that some cookies may be placed by a third party–service provider that performs several functions for our needs.


What cookie is it?What is its name?Why do we use it?How long do we store it?
SignificantApplicationGatewayAffinityTo ensure function of the website and to optimise the user experienceSession
SignificantApplicationGatewayAffinityCORSTo ensure function of the website and to optimise the user experienceSession
InsignificantGoogle analytics (_gid)To distinguish users anonymously24 hours
InsignificantGoogle analytics (_ga)To distinguish users anonymously2 years
InsignificantGoogle analytics(_gat)To compile anonymous user statistics1 day
InsignificanthjAbsoluteSessionInProgressTo obtain the number of anonymous website visits1 day
Insignificant_hjFirstSeenTo determine whether the user has visited the page for the first time1 day
Insignificant_hjidTo compile anonymous user activity statisticsPermanently
Insignificant_smvsTo optimise the website and perform internal analytics1 day
InsignificantGoogle analytics (collect)To identify the user’s device and activity anonymouslyfor marketing purposesSession
Insignificant_fbpFor marketing purposes3 months
Insignificantads/ga-audiencesTo involve the user for marketing purposesSession
InsignificantfrTo ensure user-appropriate marketing notifications3 months
InsignificantsmuuidTo compile anonymous statistics, if the website was visited repeatedlyPermanently
InsignificantSmvr/ _smvcTo compile internal statistics for the company on the user’s interest in the page of a specific product10 years
InsignificanttrTo ensure user-appropriate marketing notificationsSession


Information related to cookies is not used to identify you personally. These cookies are not used for any other purposes, except for those described herein.

We can provide your data, customer or corporate information to the third parties that provide our services, e.g., to ensure website analytics or customer service. These persons are authorised to use your data only to the scope necessary to provide us these services.

We will provide your data, customer or corporate information to third parties only as it has been described in this Privacy Policy. We do not sell your data to third parties.


You can control and/or delete cookies, if you wish. You can delete or block all cookies that already are in your computer, but, if you do so, some features of this website may not work as intended, and you might have to manually adjust certain preferences every time when you visit the website.

You can agree to the use of cookies on this website by selecting “I agree with the use of cookies”

We cooperate with third parties to track your activities on our website, to improve our marketing measures and to provide you advertising based on your visits to our website. If you do not want for your information to be collected and used for the purposes of re-marketing, you can decline by selecting “I am aware that some cookies are required for the use of the website, but I disagree with the use of cookies that collect the other information”(*).

*You may only refuse permanent cookies that are not necessarily needed.

Please note that this information is not comprehensive and may be amended, specified, supplemented.

The latest updates implemented on 22 January 2021