the greatest threat for

IT security is an uninformed user

Very often unaware users visit insecure websites, keep their login data easily accessible, fall into social engineering traps and etc. All this helps hackers gain access to data that your organisation values the most.
The best proven way to secure your data and IT structures from such scenario is having an effective security policy that includes an effective Security Awareness Training (SAT) programme. If this is practically enforced, this ensures that every member of organisation practices and preaches IT security.

Training Content

Training content is developed in cooperation with Cyber Security Academy and is recommended to all employees, including IT staff, managers, HR, accounting, DPOs and other departments.

  • Understand security risks
  • Secure computing principles
  • Detect security incidents and react appropriately
  • Use WiFi and mobile data in a secure manner
  • To be complaint with GDPR regulation

After training all participants are issued Certificates, confirming the completion of training.

Real-life examples

All topics are explained using real-life examples which is key for employees to have hands-on experience in recognising different types of attacks.

PCI DSS and ISO Standards

The training program is based on PCI DSS and ISO Standards.

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