With technology infiltrating every aspect of modern living and our world becoming increasingly digitized, protecting confidential information becomes all the more difficult. Passwords and keys were once considered sufficient to provide data security but now they look increasingly feeble in the face of sophisticated hacker attacks. Moreover, what about identity thieves?

In order to serve against malicious crimes and provide cost-effective and secure person’s identity clarification and management, SQUALIO cloud consulting created BIMS – a software product line of different multi-modal biometric solutions.

Biometric Human Recognition

At the first glance offering a physical security solution seems inappropriate for an IT company. However, when high technologies enter our everyday life, SQUALIO cloud consulting provides a more effective protection. With a more reliable physical security solution, our customer receives an advanced level of safety in areas where the control of physical access is necessary.

Object recognition in image and video

The proposed solution is based on the shape and texture comparison of an object, using an object recognition algorithm, which performs object image learning and searches it from the database. Thereby, the solution provides the ability to perform systematic and automatic object registration with search functionality by the object characteristics (features).

Biometric Access control

Solutions offered by SQUALIO cloud consulting significantly differ from the traditional physical access systems because their authentication tool is a human being. These solutions are more secure than the traditional cards, keys or PIN codes because a card, a key or a PIN code can be lost or stolen. These solutions are more reliable because only a registered user can be authenticated in the system. These solutions provide confidence that it is the particular user in the particular moment who has been authenticated.

Central Government Biometric System

For gathering and processing the biometrical data at national level, SQUALIO cloud consulting has developed a Central Biometrical System (CBS), which is already deployed by Latvian Ministry of the Interior.

Biometric data collection program

CAPS is an application for persons biographical and biometrical data collection in real time (using photo camera, fingerprint collection device etc.) or from existing file (pictures, ten print cards etc.), and transmission to CBS (Central Biometrical System), with persons verification and identification functionality.

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