Compliance at Squalio Group

Squalio Group’s corporate culture promotes responsibility, mutual respect and trust. These are essential parts of our business dealings and profoundly important to the long-term success of our company. Squalio Group has developed a Compliance Ecosystem that provides associates and managers with the tools they need to deal with the various legal risks and ensure legal compliance.

Lawful conduct and fair competition are vital to the long term business success of the Squalio group.
They create basis and trust for our relations with customers and business partners.

Sandis Kolomenskis, Chairman of the board of Squalio Group

Our compliance is based on:


Code of ethics

Squalio Code of Ethics is designed to assist members and employees in understanding the difference between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and in applying that understanding to their decisions. The aim of the Code is to ensure we do business based on highly ethical principles, provide a fair business environment and maintain our reputation as a valuable partner.


ISO Standard

ISO International Standards ensure that we offer products and services that are safe, reliable and of good quality. They are a strategic tool that reduce costs by minimising waste and errors, and increasing productivity. They help us to access new markets, level the playing field for developing countries and facilitate free and fair global trade.


Annual audits

The internal financial audit and risk assessment is an ongoing annual process within the Squalio Group that is critical for ensuring the future success of the company, as well as maintaining our ability to be a reliable partner for our customers, partners and employees, and ensuring a transparent and fair business environment.


Vendor compliance

As responsible business partner to our vendors, it is not enough to want to do things right, we have to make that happen. That means making business decisions and taking the appropriate action which are ethical and in compliance with the applicable legal requirements. The Business Conduct procedure is carried out within the Squalio Group every year, and this regulates the requirements and business practices that guide decision-making and business activities.


Legal affairs

Squalio Group’s compliance in legal matters is a particular part of our business culture. We aim to ensure regulatory intelligence, effectively managing all activities across the entire Group, including policy and procedure management, incident management, document and contract management, surveys, compliance and legal forums, IT governance, ISO compliance, and enterprise risk management.



One of our strategic development goals is centralised resource policies and compliance management, i.e. unified Squalio, ensuring common guidelines in the areas of Sales and Customer Relationship Management procedures, HR and Recruitment, Finance and Legality within the Squalio Group.

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