Penetration testing

We offer a comprehensive range of cyber security pen tests to help you ensure the security of your deployed software solutions against the tools and techniques used by real hackers in their attacks. After the test, you can decide which of the vulnerabilities are the most important and make decisions about making changes to the software, developing or implementing other countermeasures. Make an appointment and our team will help you choose the best solution for you.

Your business challenges

Ensure legal compliance in cyber security

Meet legal requirements for due care evidence and to protect customer data in cyber security across regulated industries. Navigate complex security terminology and testing methodologies with ease.

Independent verification for secure software

Gain peace of mind with a standardized process for independent agencies to verify cyber security requirements in software development contracts—similar to safety assessments for public buildings.

Fix vulnerabilities before bad guys found them

Identify and fix significant security problems in internet and internally faced infrastructure, before hackers found them or malware exploits the misconfigurations

Optimize cost-effective cyber security testing

Balance pricing disparities in cyber security testing services. Align methodologies with your risk profile for a suitable choice tailored to your specific requirements.

Our Solution

Our penetration testing services rigorously assess and helps to enhance your cybersecurity defenses. From web and infrastructure to OT/ICS, cloud, API, and mobile environments, we conduct thorough testing and vulnerability assessments to ensure comprehensive protection against potential threats.

 We are testing:

  • Static web pages in black box format
  • Client access portals in black and grey box format
  • API integrations in black and grey box formats
  • Mobile apps and APIs for mobile app integrations in black and grey box formats
  • API-based dynamic web pages in black and grey box formats
  • Internal portals (ERP, CRM, etc. ) systems
  • On-prem and cloud based infrastructures (e.g. servers, networks, IOT devices, cloud configurations, etc.)

Our standard delivery process:

During the penetration testing, we do:

  • In grey box tests, we first check and identify all possible attack vectors on the business logic of your application and try to exploit the vulnerabilities using manual methods and self-developed scripts.
  • Later, we use automated professional and open-source tools to detect vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, access control weaknesses, etc.
  • All results from the automated tools are manually reviewed by our certified experts to rule out false positives.
Your benefits and deliverables

Your benefits and deliverables

The penetration testing report is the ultimate deliverable, presenting results from all the testing scenarios. It includes a management summary for non-technical audiences and a detailed technical report covering the audit's technical findings:

  • Description of findings and risks
  • Impact, calculated by using CVSSv3 methodology
  • Related CVEs if applicable
  • Screenshots and the description of the reconstruction of the vulnerability
  • Recommendation for remediation
  • Internet links for a detailed technical description of the risk to help with remediation
  • Roadmap for improving the security of the service and a prioritized risk and remediation task list according to impact on company and customer data

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