NIS 2 readiness assessment

We offer to assess your organization's readiness for the requirements of the NIS2 directive. Our service helps you to identify the most significant risks. We use the Zero Trust maturity model, the ISO 27001 standard, and CIS controls as the basis for the assessment. Your IT environment is assessed not only in terms of compliance, but also in terms of today's dynamic environment and threats. The proposed risk mitigation measures will help reduce the actual threats to your organization and meet external requirements such as NIS2.

Your business challenges

Prioritize cyber risks with a limited budget

With a limited budget, you need to eliminate the most significant cyber risks

Insufficient skills or capabilities

You do not have enough cybersecurity competencies and various vendors offer so many products you do not understand what is the most valuable investment

Potential damage to reputation

Non-compliance with regulations can lead to financial penalties, legal issues, and reputational damage

Our Solution

Your organization's IT and cyber security management processes will be assessed in 5 pillars:

  • Identity Management
  • Device management
  • Network/environment
  • Business applications 
  • Data management

Our standard delivery process:

Under these categories, we evaluate the technologies you currently use and their management model. 

The ISO 27001 management standard for cyber security, CIS controls, and the Zero Trust Framework serve as a basis. We have developed a compact and efficient solution that can be scaled in the future.

All aspects of your existing cyber security model are mapped against the known NIS2 requirements to identify and close gaps.

Your benefits and deliverables

After engaging our services, your organization will be better prepared and protected from cyberattacks and meet the requirements of the NIS2 cybersecurity policy to ensure long-term reliability and success in the digital environment.

Comprehensive plan and Security policies 

  • We prepare a detailed audit report in which we comprehensively analyze the existing cybersecurity risks and recommendations for their elimination. In addition, we create a roadmap for a cybersecurity improvement strategy to help you achieve an optimal level of security.
  • The IT infrastructure is made more secure and the risks are assessed under the requirements of NIS2.
  • You also receive a vulnerability assessment report and can patch or reconfigure the most critical points from an intruder's perspective.
  • We create a list of changes required in your existing policies and provide templates for missing documents for basic NIS2 compliance.

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