Email copy best practices

Email is an important way to communicate with an audience and it’s crucial to get the design right. (It is no secret that UX and UI designers are gaining more and more popularity nowadays! 👨‍💻 And actually it is hard to imagine well-organized online business without them!).

Each email should include:

  • successful choice of words;
  • appropriate email design;
  • and must-click CTA.

Email copy best practices

Your email copy is one of the best places for your brand to connect by being personable, approachable, and invested in customer experiences. If design provides the visual structure for the email, copy is what guides your audience to a purchase or other form of engagement. Inspire your reader, and make it clear what you want them to do.


Craft an enticing subject line.

A subject line may seem like an afterthought, but it’s the most important part of your email — it’s your one chance to convince someone to open it. Make sure that it is tantalizing enough to get a recipient to open the email, but not too cryptic to be ignored.


Embrace personalization and dynamic content

Emails that are personalized to the recipient are opened 26 percent more of the time than those that don’t. That personalization can be as simple as including the customer’s name in the subject line or individually crafting emails to meet the needs of different customer personas (or individual customers, though this can be very time consuming).

There are also opportunities to automate this process to get even more specific. With marketing segmentation, deep personalization can go beyond basic information. Many email automation services allow you to create dynamic content that affixes to customer data points, like online behavior and purchase history.


Focus on one main call to action.

Be clear about where the reader will go when they click. If the email requires multiple calls to action (also called CTAs or action buttons), organize them in a hierarchy. Use colors that stand out or contrast your design to signify which action is most urgent. Your main CTA should be higher up in your email, with secondary CTAs coming later. Text-link CTAs or buttons with a simple outline can be effective secondary CTAs.



Email copywriting is one of the most important aspects of marketing today. The body copy, CTA, and subject line all make up effective email copy. Furthermore, they all should all be continuously A/B tested and tweaked to see which ones perform better with your target audience.Email copywriting is one of the most powerful weapons in the toolbox when done correctly, and it can assist creative minds create promotions.




Source: Adobe