Location: Webinar

Language: English

Time: 11:00 - 12:00

Price: Free

You are welcome to register for free webinar to reboot the way your business manages software assets, compliance and IT cost optimisation! Whether you’ve got too much software or not enough, uncontrolled software costs are a drain on your IT department, consuming resources that could be better utilized elsewhere. Setting up Software Asset Management (SAM) can help IT departments identify and eliminate waste, cutting cost and reducing risk as a result.

Target audience: Small & medium size enterprises, CIOs, IT Directors, SAM Managers, IT Administrators


6 ways to not fail in managing software assets

The speakers – professional Software Asset Management (SAM) consultants practicing licensing on the daily – will share their experience of the most common mistakes by IT departments of medium size enterprises in managing software assets & licensing. Through real-life examples of customers from all European, we will highlight 6 typical problems and how to avoid them with SAM, thus ensuring your business is secure, compliant, and enabled in future IT development and cost optimisation processes.

Edgars Ozolnieks, Business Development Manager at Squalio

Ainis Zaharāns, Senior SAM consultant at Squalio

Turning guestimates to estimates with automated Software Asset Management tools

How to evaluate which SAM tool is the gorilla offer in the market? During the presentation, the speaker will guide you through the most innovative features you should definitely demand from your SAM tool / platform / IT partner in order to effectively manage your software, licences, and oversee business compliance.

Dominic Willkomm, Sales Manager at Snow Software

How to kick-off with your SAM project in 1 day?

Edgars Ozolnieks, Business Development Manager at Squalio


Squalio is a Snow Gold Certified partner delivering end-to-end software services and working with over 400 leading software vendors worldwide. We are PROs in Software Asset Management internationally providing by default what others provide as premium services!