Duet AI in Google Workspace: Tips, Tricks and Demo

Location: Online webinar

Language: English

Time: 11:00 - 12:00

Price: Free

Join us for an extraordinary webinar experience on December 14th from 11:00, as Squalio collaborates with Google to unveil the groundbreaking potential of Duet AI within Google Workspace. As the landscape of work evolves rapidly, discover how this innovative integration redefines productivity, collaboration, and efficiency in the modern workspace.


  • Duet AI in Google Workspace: Explore the integration, functionalities, and its transformative impact on workflows.
  • Live Demo of Duet AI: Witness a live demonstration showcasing how a Googler uses Duet AI, offering practical tips for everyday work routines.
  • Understanding Google Workspace: Delve into the essence of Workspace, its diverse tools, and how it caters to various industries and organizational needs. 
  • The Next Generation of Productivity: Envision the role of AI-driven work environments and Google Workspace in shaping the future of work. 
  • How Squalio Supports Implementation: Discover the tailored support Squalio offers for seamless integration and optimization of Google products within your company.
  • Q&A Session: Engage with our experts to get your questions answered. 

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to witness the future of productivity unfold. Register now to secure your spot in this insightful session and unlock the potential of AI-driven productivity with Duet AI in Google Workspace.

Meet our speakers

you will hear from: 

  • Dominik Zeligowski – Territory Manager in CEE, Google Workspace

With nearly 5 years at Google, Dominik has held various sales roles, bringing expertise in Google Ads, Google Cloud, and now Google Workspace. His passion lies in enhancing productivity, fostering cross-team collaboration, and aiding companies in their growth endeavors. He believes: “Duet AI is like having a personal assistant who can help you with everything from writing and designing to organizing and accelerating your workflows. It is a powerful tool that can help you save time and get more done.”


  • Inga Harding – Google BDM, Squalio 

Inga Harding is Google Business Development Manager in Baltics at Squalio. Previously, she worked with industry leaders such as Httpool, LinkedIn Partner, Microsoft, and Google HQ. Inga’s passion for digital transformation, IT, and empowering individuals to achieve business goals makes her an invaluable resource in the field. 

Google BDM, Squalio

Inga Harding

Linkedin Justs Cielens

Territory Manager in CEE, Google Workspace

Dominik Zeligowski

Linkedin Justs Cielens

About Squalio

Squalio is an information technology group that has been operating in the market for 25 years and delivers progressive IT solutions in Baltics and CEE region for all business needs. We offer licensing and additional support services for products of the biggest IT vendors. We are official Google Premier Partner and we can help to implement and optimize Google Workspace, Google Cloud or multi-cloud solutions for your business.