Generative AI – beyond ChatGPT and hype, Malta

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Join us in person for a dynamic exploration of the groundbreaking advances in AI technology that will reshape the business landscape. This unique gathering serves as a gateway to unleashing the full potential of artificial intelligence. Throughout the event, experienced industry experts will guide you through a thought-provoking program highlighting the practical applications of AI in today’s rapidly evolving world. Gain valuable insights and practical knowledge on how AI is reshaping the business landscape and how you can harness its potential to help your business succeed.

Microsoft office, Malta
May 16, 2024
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Gain an understanding of the practical applications of Generative AI technology, adopting solutions for daily business needs. Learn how to navigate potential obstacles and discover the unique value of Generative AI for European organizations. With expert sessions on data security, a Copilot live demo, and a networking opportunity, you will be equipped to harness AI’s transformative potential for organizational success. Understand use cases for your business on how you can benefit from AI solutions and ready-to-go products, Don’t miss the chance to be at the forefront of the AI revolution!


This event is tailored for business leaders seeking to harness the transformative power of AI.

  • Business Owners and Executives: to learn how to strategically leverage AI for organizational success.
  • Managers and Decision-Makers: to learn how to implement practical AI solutions for daily business needs.
  • Data Security Professionals: to address AI-related security challenges and ensure compliance within your company.
  • Technology Leaders: to stay updated on cutting-edge AI advancements and integration tools.

9:00 Arrival and Coffee

Kickstart your day with a warm cup of coffee and networking opportunities.

9:30 Welcome

Speaker: Ivars Lazdiņš and Alex Gollcher

9:45 Generative AI for European organizations

Speaker: Aigars Jaundālders
What is the unique value of Generative AI, largest obstacles for organizations, and how to break them?

10:15 Gen AI in a Box: How to get your AI solution in 1 month

Speaker: Artūrs Zlobins
Difficulties finding appropriate Generative AI use cases for your organization? Learn what is needed to uncover and adopt the first steps of Generative AI to address your daily business needs for cross-functional team members with various GenAI solutions in the market.

10:45 Shadow AI – the evil twin of Shadow IT

Speaker: Ivars Lazdiņš
Do you know what your users are doing with generative AI today while you are still considering if you should use it? Gain insights into securing your data and ensuring compliance in the era of AI.

11:15 Copilot for Microsoft 365 is here – so what now?

Speaker: Kristaps Sedols
Live demo of how Copilot for Microsoft 365 elevates productivity for every worker and how to get started with seamless integration in familiar tools.

11:45 Q&A session, closing remarks

Speaker: Ivars Lazdiņš
Continue the conversation and connect with industry peers during our networking session immediately following the event. Don’t miss this chance to be part of the AI revolution! Reserve your spot now and join us for an insightful and interactive event.

Register now as the number of seats for the event is limited!

Please note, that only a maximum of 2 attendees per company can register.

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