How to Secure Your Business Communication in 2022?

Location: Online webinar

Language: English

Time: 11:00 - 12:00

Price: Free

Human error causes 23% of data breaches.

41% of data leakage is caused by sending an email to the wrong email address.

Secure emailing still sounds like a myth. It is often not considered whether the available email protection and tools provide adequate protection for sensitive data.

We invite you to this webinar on how to securely exchange sensitive data via email. In this webinar, you will get practical advice and knowledge about safety tools that you can apply immediately in your daily activities.

During the demo presentation, we will show you how easy it is to use Cryptshare tools in your business communication.





In this webinar you will get information:

  • What are the key tools to ensure email security?
  • The most common violations of sensitive data processing in email;
  • How to send emails that comply with GDPR?
  • How to share large files securely and conveniently with third parties directly via Outlook and HCL Notes integration or by webapplication via Gmail, or other email tools?
  • Demo: send files securely with Cryptshare;
  • Special guest: Bank of Latvia – customer experience story.

Who is this webinar relevant to?

  • If you send personal data/sensitive information by email;
  • If you often have to share large files with clients/colleagues;
  • Particularly relevant for businesses providing insurance, financial, health, wellness, employment, marketing, legal, travel, audit, and research services;
  • Everyone who is mindful of cyber security.


  • Evaldas Valūnas Cyber ​​Security Product Manager at Hermitage Solutions UAB
  • Special guest: Bank of Latvia


About Cryptshare

Use Cryptshare to send and receive emails and large files securely.

Cryptshare is a digital communications solution for secure exchange of information. E-mails and files of any size can be exchanged easily and securely, with auditability and at low cost. Cryptshare is easy to set up and is immediately available. The intuitive user interface and direct integration in existing applications makes it a workable and user-friendly solution.

The process is deliberately kept simple: the recipient is notified via e-mail that a transfer is available for them. Separately they receive a unique password from the sender. With this they can then download the messages and files directly and securely from the server that is located at the sender’s company. Since the system works without user accounts there is no registration needed for either sender or recipient.