IT security conference „Cyberchess. Strategies and Tactics in the Virtual Environment”

Location: National Library of Latvia, Mukusalas Str. 3, Riga

Language: Latvian, English

Time: 00:00

Price: FREE

IT security conference will take place on 1 October 2015 in the National Library of Latvia. This is one of the largest events in Latvia dedicated to the IT security with approx.400 participants. Event is co-organized by CERT.LV and ISACA Latvia Chapter.
This year’s conference will focus on the following topics – cloud security issues, mobile device security, secure software development, cyber terrorism and communication strategies in cyber warfare situations.
One of speakers is SQUALIO (DPA group) IT Security Consultant Aigars Naglis.
Watch IT security conference online stream here: straume.lmt.lv.