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27 Jan

Building Zero Trust Foundation & Securing Identities
In this hands-on webinar, we'll introduce Microsoft Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), using examples an... More

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28 Oct

Personal Data Protection: Why Formal Compliance Is Not Enough?
What is the current knowledge about data protection among your employees? Why is it not enough to have only a ... More

29 Jul

Right-size your Microsoft licensing spend
One of the biggest organizational costs is software licensing, and we’ve partnered with Gartner’s Magic Quadra... More

15 Jun

Passwords Are No Longer The Answer
Large scale data breaches and credential theft put user accounts at risk for account takeover – to date, more ... More

09 Jun

Intelligent Security – Work from Anywhere
Protecting an organization’s data has become more difficult than ever with a breach looming via outsider and i... More