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27 Apr

Webinarium online: Nowa ERA licencjonowania oprogramowania
Jednym z największych kosztów organizacyjnych jest licencjonowanie oprogramowania. Współpracujemy z liderem Ga... More

27 Apr

Live webinar: “New ERA of software licensing”
One of the biggest organizational costs is software licensing, and we’ve partnered with with Gartner’s Magic Q... More

Past events


18 Feb

From basic remote working to a fully secured remote workplace
Triggered by the coronavirus lockdown, the abrupt transition to a work from home happened overnight. However, ... More

28 Jan

IT Cost Optimization with Software Asset Management
Are you struggling with IT budget costs due to the current economic situation? Squalio is committed to support... More

25 Nov

How can you click links and open attachments safely? Business Email protection
As your company adopts cloud-based enterprise applications such as Microsoft® Office 365™, Box, Dropbox, and G... More

20 Nov

Protection of Microsoft Workloads and Instant Recovery in the Cloud
Join us and Janis Cevers from Veritas Technologies LLC on live webinar where we will focus on protection of Mi... More