Mastering Security and Productivity with Google Workspace & Gemini

Feeling overwhelmed by security threats and lagging team productivity?

You're not alone. Many businesses struggle to balance efficiency with robust data protection. But what if you could achieve both?

Join our FREE webinar on June 19th, co-hosted with Google Workspace. Double down on security with Google Workspace and unleash productivity with Gemini, your AI sidekick.

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Jun 19, 2024
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This webinar is perfect for:

  • C-Level executives prioritizing data security and team productivity.
  • IT professionals wanting to explore advanced security features and empower their team.
  • Business leaders seeking to unlock the full potential of Google Workspace.
  • CISOs, CTOs, DPOs, Information Security and Data officers, IT Directors and Managers.
  • Google Workspace admins who want to explore the power of AI for their teams.


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In this webinar, you will:

  • Fortress Your Data: Explore Google Workspace's advanced security features to combat evolving cyber threats and safeguard your company's data. Presented directly by a Google Workspace expert!
  • Empower Your IT Team: Learn practical tips and tricks to strengthen your overall security posture and empower your IT staff.
  • Identify the Latest Security Threats: Stay ahead of evolving cyber threats and learn how to safeguard your organization's data.
  • Unlock Productivity with Gemini: Witness a live demo showcasing how Gemini, an AI powerhouse, streamlines workflows across familiar apps like Gmail, Docs, and Sheets.
  • Discover how to leverage context and grounding in the Gemini Chat app to maximize productivity.
  • Take away practical tips and tricks to become a Gemini pro.
  • Explore how Squalio can help your business fast-track Google Workspace & Google Cloud?
  • Get your questions answered by our experts in a live Q&A session.
Maciej Szatkowski

Maciej Szatkowski

Google Pre-Sales Engineer, at Squalio

IT pro with experience in software development and architecture. Supports Squalio customers. Will provide a live demo showcasing Gemini's functionalities in Google Workspace.

Niko Makila

Niko Makila

Partner Account Executive, at Google Workspace

Focused on empowering SMBs in the CEE and Nordics region, Niko brings over 10 years of experience in the global tech industry. His passion lies in unlocking the potential of technology to help businesses become more productive, secure, and grow within their ecosystems.

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About Squalio

About Squalio

Squalio is an information technology group that has been operating in the market for 25 years and delivers progressive IT solutions, services and support in Baltics & CEE region (Cyprus, Malta, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria and more) for all business needs. We offer licensing and additional support services for products of the biggest IT vendors. We are official Google Premier Partner and we can help to implement and optimize Google Workspace, Google Cloud or multi-cloud solutions for your business.

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