TeamViewer webinar

Location: WEB

Language: English

Time: 10:00

Price: apply_url FREE

TeamViewer focuses on cloud-based technologies to enable online support and collaborate in real time across the globe. Elegantly simple and extremely fast remote support, remote access, online collaboration and meetings; these are the tools for an interconnected world limited only by your imagination.

  • General intro: the World of TeamViewer

Company info

Key customers

Interesting use cases

Main products


TeamViewer uniqueness

  • TeamViewer 12, introduction

  • TeamViewer 12, deployment strategies and key features

Help desk with TeamViewer

User management

Security and performance control

TeamViewer + IT Brain

  • Summary

  • Q & A


  • How to apply?

Please register by e-mail events@squalio.com or by phone 67509900.