THE VALUE COMPASS: Guiding your company through an unpredictable year

Location: Online

Language: English

Time: 11:30 - 12:30

Price: Free

In this hour we have planned to discuss:


🔍 What have been the value trends of organizations in 2022

💡 Tips and tricks for defining and redefining organizational values

📈Dive into the evaluation of TMD Partners’ experience in 2022

❗️Gain valuable insights and strategies  for working with organizational values and customers

Embark on a transformative journey with us on April 14th at 11:30 (EET) as we navigate the uncharted waters of company values and organizational development trends in 2022. In this riveting online event, we’ll explore the surprising findings and key insights that emerged from the tumultuous landscape of the past year. Our first speaker, the Head of Product at Peero, will unveil the astonishing outcomes of their value assessment platform, shedding light on the unexpected shifts in company values throughout 2022.

Discover how organizations weathered the storm and adapted to change while maintaining their core principles.

Following this eye-opening presentation, a seasoned partner from Lithuania’s largest corporate training company, TMD Managing Partner | CEO Deividas Rafanavičius, will dive into the evaluation of TMD experience in 2022. Gain valuable insights and strategies to bolster your company’s resilience and growth in the face of an ever-evolving business world.

Join us for this inspiring and enlightening webinar as we chart a course toward success, guided by the unwavering compass of company values.

Secure your spot today and set sail toward a brighter future!

Deividas Rafanavičius

Deividas is an expert in customer centricity, helping organizations to increase customer loyalty, and align service activities by introducing various customer experience management projects. The consultant develops teams and influences organizational culture by originally creating training programs or business events and is eligible to deliver them to various audiences (20+, 50+, 100+, 600+ participants). He encourages cooperation in organizations and helps their members to develop and apply effective working standards. Deividas also advises senior management teams on strategic customer management issues, moderates strategic workshops, develops talents, and prepares internal coaches.  He has completed programs in Executive Chairman Education, and Executive Education as a Professional Board Member of the Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance and is certified to work with  Wiley DiSC and Thomas International methodologies. Deividas is also GENOS certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner and Master Trainer.

Unda Paula Rīsmane

Unda has been at the forefront of building employee recognition, feedback, and people analytics solutions while working closely with customers in different industries to understand their needs and help to solve challenges they face with a help of modern tools and data.

“Data has opened many different doors to me; however, the one to organization culture and the art of positive feedback is what excites me the most. Analyzing and basing decisions on data from peer-to-peer feedback and communication is engaging and satisfies curiosity about the nature of people – the biggest source of data there is. I believe that there is a thrill in looking for answers from alternative data sources that can bring the most unpredictable and exciting results.”