Veriato 360: An IT Time Machine webinar

Location: WEB

Language: English

Time: 20:00

Price: FREE

As an IT professional, you know the importance of time.

  • The more time you spend trying to figure out what happened, the less time you have for making things better
  • How often have you wished you could see exactly what a user did for troubleshooting purposes?
  • When was the last time you were told to put all the stuff you were trying to get done on hold so you could assist with investigating someone’s actions?

Veriato 360 lets you go back in time while taking the guess work out. Gray becomes black and white. Know who is using what resources, for how long and why. See who is moving data, including off network to USB or shadow IT services, and easily review recordings of activity, like watching a movie via DVR.


Register for Veriato 360: An IT Time Machine webinar, held on May 24 at 20:00, and learn how the software power over time and visibility into the human variables in your environment.