Webinar: Fraud beyond Finance – Expert Analysis of How Different Business Verticals are impacted by Fraud.

Location: Webinar

Language: English

Time: 16:00 - 17:00

Price: Free

Get the very latest information on financial fraud and its impact on businesses in all sectors. Join Kaspersky Lab experts for analysis of the latest attacks and techniques.

Join Kaspersky Lab for an exclusive BrightTalk webinar on Wednesday, September 12 at 16:00 CET.

When it comes to discussions about fraud, we tend to think about the financial sector first. But organizations across all sectors are suffering reputational, financial and other damage caused by fraud.

Kaspersky Lab expert Tim Ayling, Global Head of Fraud Prevention Solutions, will help you develop a deeper understanding of the threats posed by fraud to all businesses. Learn:

  • How businesses across multiple sectors are experiencing account takeover, new account fraud and even money laundering-related attacks
  • How fraud is evolving to escape even the best anti-fraud management strategies
  • The latest fraud threats, techniques and landscape insight
  • ·Real-world anti-fraud success cases

Learn how your business can protect itself from fraud-related cybercrime. Join us! Wednesday, September 12 at 16.00 CET