Gen AI in a box

Have you heard about Chat GPT, Open AI, Generative AI and 

LLMs (large language models)? Have you seen analysts 

predicting double productivity, GDP, and other metrics? 

But still not sure how to use these new capabilities 

specifically in your organization? If yes, this offer will 

provide answers to these questions!

Realize the business value of Gen AI

• Securely test Gen AI answering questions in your local language from your organization documents onboarded (e.g. internal procedures, policies etc.)

• Experience newest GPT-4 capabilities (no need to label documents, train models etc.)

• Receive AI roadmap for your organization – personalized, actionable plan for AI adoption beyond this initial use case


Estimated length of engagement: 1 month 

Estimated cost: Free of charge*

*Limited offer for selected customers only. Does not include Microsoft Azure Open AI Service, Microsoft Teams or any other third-party  product or service costs.

a significant impact across the value chain

By embracing the transformation, what’s the bottom-line impact an insurer stands to gain?


Gen AI applications will create a significant impact across the value chain, yielding substantial efficiency gains and cost savings. The biggest savings, ranging from 40% to 60%, are expected to come from productivity gains in customer service. Think back to the example of the Gen AI-powered knowledge assistant: we estimate that up to 35% of customer service agents’ time is spent retrieving information in policies, terms, and other documents. In such tasks, Gen AI can more than double agents’ productivity. Agents can query these documents directly – for instance, to check a specific policy’s coverage conditions – and get answers in seconds.

Your Generative AI journey with Squalio



• Prepare your Azure tenant
• Gather pilot user group and document set
• Grant access to the deployment resource group

Deploy and Test


• Chat over knowledge use case deployment 
• Document upload and initial prompt engineering 
• Testing kicks off meeting



• Weekly feedback and ideation meetings 
• Additional use case discussion and solution ideation
• Deliverable – AI roadmap for next use cases bringing generative AI into your organization context

Your Generative AI journey with Squalio

Get your own AI in 1 month!

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