От Flexera к Snow

Разработчик программного обеспечения и цифровых решений, с более чем 10 000 выполненных проектов, и с более чем 8100 сотрудниками в 11 странах мира.


Optimization in the company started in 2018. Since then SoftServe has completely migrated its IT systems to cloud solutions. With the introduction of cloud solutions in 2019, SoftServe needed a tool that could track a wide variety of software both in the cloud and on user devices.

SoftServe’s goal is to provide the software asset management from a single dashboard, both in the cloud and on user devices.


In partnership with SoftServe, Squalio provides its expertise and advice on implementing Snow for SoftServe SAM team. The client receives technical support from Squalio, as well as weekly conference calls to resolve urgent issues. SoftServe has a designated engineer and project manager from Squalio who are always one call away to resolve issues or further questions.


  • Transparent license management process;
  • SAM tool that can track various software both in the cloud and on user devices;
  • Simple SAM tool management with a single dashboard;
  • Local technical support from Squalio;
  • SAM tool that can track operations and employee access to the company data.

SoftServe has been using SAM tools since 2012. SCCM was originally used, but after three years of use, a different solution was needed. With the increased number of Mac and Linux computers in the company’s infrastructure, a large number of different software appeared. By acquiring SAM tools, SAM is expected to be able to catalogue the company’s complete software library, and note which software is paid, which is free, which software is expiring, etc. It’s expected that using SAM tools will remove the manual labour of IT experts. On the other hand, due to the growth of the company, SoftServe expands the number of employees involved in many and different projects that require different software. With SCCM alone, it has become difficult to track these processes.


In 2015 SoftServe began using SAM solutions from Flexera. Each of these solutions has its pros and cons, which are only discovered upon closer acquaintance and use of the system. In 2018, SoftServe embarked on a business optimization process that also included migrating IT systems to the cloud. In 2019, SoftServe needed a tool that could monitor the software both in the cloud and on user devices. Looking for an alternative, SoftServe turned to Snow’s Squalio solution. Considering the pros and cons of the Flexera solution and comparing them with the capabilities offered by Snow, at the end of 2019, the company chose Snow SAM tool.


SoftServe recognizes Snow’s ability to track software, both in the cloud and on user devices, while managing the process from a single dashboard. For a wide range of SoftServe employees working on various projects, Snow products can fully meet the company’s high requirements for the ability to control employee access rights, as well as track what is being done with company data. Using a platform from Snow, Squalio provides IT support alongside Snow products. At the moment, there is no software provider in Ukraine that offers such a service. The Snow platform for SoftServe was implemented within 3 months, including the implementation of the system itself, the installation of agents, adaptation with the mandatory SAAS software. When comparing the speed of implementation of Snow and Flexera products in terms of time costs, SoftServe experts consider them equivalent. However, not all SAM tools are OOB configured, so Snow offers “one size fits all” connectivity. Many processes had to be tailored specifically to SoftServe’s needs, in line with the company’s IT policy. SoftServe deployed Snow system on the company’s servers on the Azure service, although it is possible to use Squalio servers.

In partnership with Squalio, SoftServe gains a complete software asset management process, local IT support, and Snow Tool self-service portal, specially designed for SoftServe’s needs. Through services from Squalio, SoftServe has been able to reduce the cost of software and obtain a SAM toolkit with the ability to track software both in the cloud and on user devices.