employees as cybersecurity shield

Hoxhunt is a Human Cybersecurity Platform that protects organizations and their employees from the risk of cyber attack. Hoxhunt helps to educate employees on email-based threats, such as phishing, so that they can learn to recognize and report real attacks.

Adaptive and dynamic

Hoxhunt automatically maps each employee’s skill level based on their progress over time, and intelligently trains them with constantly updated simulations of actual threats.

  • Training on success and failure
  • Adaptive individual training progression
  • Positive reinforcement & game mechanics


Security awareness beyond compliance

Why just check a box when your enterprise can actually reduce risk? Hoxhunt’s people-first approach continuously adapts training to individuals’ skills for meaningful results.


Automated and personalized training powered by machine learning enables optimal response to real threats in real time.


Phishing training
Teach employees to recognize and report malicious emails.
Threat response
Enrich and orchestrate threat data to mitigate active threats found by employees.
Awareness training
Teach employees about other aspects of security awareness.
Integrations for Office 365, Exchange and Google Workspace. Export data to other systems via API.

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